Anyone Ever Hear Of This Guy

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    I just got a letter in the mail the other day saying "Learn how you can make money on the internet by attending this conference".

    Its at one of the casinos in Atlantic city.

    Have you heard of this guy and is it worth it too check out. Its free.

    His name is C.R. Sanderson he is VP of stores*

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    Yep, he's that scammer guy from Seattle Dateline ran a story on
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    Everybody is trying to make money with this "Make Money Online Seminars" Stay away from those who haven't established their public credibility. Some guys might know what they are doing, but what's the point of wasting your time/money by taking chances?

    Yep stayway from Clint Sanderson guy.

    Here is an article about him

    An article in the Billings Gazette says this:

    Scams du jour

    Despite being on the national Do Not Call list, a retired couple living in Shepherd is receiving a rash of telephone calls recently that sound like scams.

    The caller claims to represent a law office and says he has an "important message" and they should call immediately. The couple isn't biting.

    Also, one reader who received a flier for seminars in Billings thinks the offer of making big money by working part time on your home computer sounded too good to be true.

    The flier promises two free meals and business organizer if she and a guest would sit through a 1 1/2 hour presentation Monday and Tuesday in Billings by Internet Marketing Conference. Internet Marketing's Vice President Clint Sanderson apparently uses other company names such as iMergent Inc, StoresOnline Inc., and iNetSeminars.

    The sales literature contains testimonies from purported clients claiming they make more than $50,000 a month using this method.

    So, the reader hopped on the Internet and found media articles saying that Sanderson has been involved in at least two lawsuits. The state of Utah alleged violations of federal securities laws and the Texas attorney general filed an injunction to stop SOL from misrepresenting the amount of income that can be made using SOL Web sites.

    Here is what the Texas Attorney General Website says:

    iMergent / (August 2005)

    Utah-based business opportunity marketer iMergent, doing business as (SOL) sold website packages that included storefront websites, store building software, credit card processing licenses and coaching assistance. Formerly known as Galaxy Mall Inc., SOL claimed its software and services would enable consumers to create successful websites and sell their own products or services online at a large profit. SOL?s products were marketed through hotel seminars and training sessions held in cities across Texas. The total price could top $4,000.

    On February 22, 2005, the OAG filed suit in Bexar County District Court against iMergent Inc. and its officers, Brandon Lewis and Donald Danks. The lawsuit came in response to consumer complaints that the software did not work and that the company charged for technical support it had advertised as being free.

    Lawsuit Press Release

    On August 11, 2005, the Attorney General obtained an Agreed Temporary Injunction that bars SOL from engaging in these illegal acts. Negotiations are continuing on attorney fees, notice to consumers and restitution for consumers who file complaints.

    Based on the letter I received, it looks like they have changed the name to

    Besides the lawsuit from the Texas AG's office, there is another private law firm that apparently has filed a class action lawsuit against the company.

    This enterprise has expanded to almost every other English-speaking country: Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.

    Based on the information gleaned from the internet, consumers and small-business owners who wish to have a web presence should be extremely careful about doing business with any of these entities. The vast majority of the information obtained (especially from the government entities) have resulted in negative feedback or reports about the company or companies.
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    If Dateline ran a story ...

    Scammer or Pedophile?
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    Nov 6, 2007
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    I got sucked outa over 4k for this just about 2 years ago ....

    If anyone has had this and tried to get a refund or know of a good Layer that anyone has used to get there money back or knows of more info obout the lawsuits that are going on ..

    PLEASE let me know


    Oh if anyone is intrested I have 3 licences and training for sale ...
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    To create income streams
    In a 6 by 3 plot
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    I need to attend a seminar on how to make money giving seminars. Seems like an easier route to take, and the travel seems to be pretty good.