Anyone else getting FAKE clicks from the Display Network?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by directaxcess, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    Recently ran a campaign in AdWords for $100, put in a bunch of $0.10 keywords that were highly targeted to my niche. Ran the ad with $0.50 bid for each keyword -- I had good quality scores as well.

    My whole budget was gone in one night; I was like wow, I must have gotten some good traffic, maybe even a sale. After checking out the traffic, I saw that 90% of the traffic had a 0 second time on site and a 100% bounce rate -- and the traffic came from thin, garbage websites that were completely unrelated to my keywords. The funny part was, only 1 click came from search and about 131 from the display network.

    After contacting AdWords support, they keep trying to feed me bs about clicks vs. visits, and trying to explain the time on site and bounce rate and giving me links to articles to "improve my page quality to improve time on site". My site is very well established and has a extremely fluent design that's been complimented by many people. I told them I understand if a few clicks are 0 seconds time on site, but 90% of the clicks ... that's just fake traffic especially considering that its all from the display network.

    They respond to me like I'm some idiot so I told the support representative that if he/she is going to bore me with another email attempting to "explain" why my activity is not invalid (don't make me laugh), then to just stop wasting her time and my time because I'm not interested. If that's the case and this is the kind of traffic AdWords delivers, then I'm going to exhaust my current balance and leave immediately :) Anyone have any similar experiences?
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    To be honest bro` I`ve always gotten top notch traffic from adwords and i dont think it gets better than them. Dont get me wrong i`m not a Google fanboy but i`ve tryed a shit load of traffic sources and none have delivered like adwords has. Maybe it was a fluke, try a second time... remove all the rubish site`s( use managed placements). Best of luck !
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    I got this problem ones when i worked for a online store.
    What we did? We called the police and let him make a declarations after we got the papers we send those to Google as proof and we got without any problem our money back :O
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    First off, you shouldn't be running display network ads with search ads. Those should be completely different campaigns with separate tracking. It's very common for search to convert when display doesn't, and you don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater by saying the whole thing doesn't work.

    Second, you're probably targeting too broadly. Instead of using keyword targeting for display, start with placement targeting. Start with 10 - 25 sites that are highly targeted to your niche. See if you can get those to convert first. Then and only then should you use keyword targeting. Prove that display CAN work for you first by being really targeted, then expand your targeting.
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    Oki people, but that still doesn't explain why his visits had 0 seconds on site...almost definitely bots.
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    Everyone does :) some just don't know.
    Also maybe these are some kind of bots? Like BingBot- it always bombs every Adwords ad even befoure it's displayed anywhere :)
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    Yes! You will limit this somewhat by only targeting the country you want to target, but I recently ran a campaign and forgot to limit to a specific country and noticed a ton of traffic coming from the middle east and India, which didn't make sense for the site. It makes me think people hire companies to click ads. Strange, right? Once I noticed this, I limited the location, and my conversion rate went way up.