Anyone can recommend me few good quality Amazon Affiliate review writers at BHW?

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    May 26, 2017
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    Hey guys, good day. So i am planning to start an Amazon Affiliate sites... i think mainly the site is just like a review and comparison site... so far i have less idea on how a proper Amazon affiliate sites should be...

    So, i am looking for any writers can help me write out the review article for the products comparison, so that i can post it at my website...

    Anyone has hire any good quality writers before, specifically good in writing products review and comparison article...? Hope can recommend to me as well... Thank you.

    *** Btw, just another questions.. is it still a good idea for doing Amazon affiliate site in nowadays 2017? I saw many said still doable, but it is harder than before... but i confuse with how hard is it for now as compare to before? Thank you.
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    May 8, 2013
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    Hi, @silverk. How are you doing today?

    If an unsolicited advice is welcome, I'd like to give one. Start by reading free e-books on how to be an Amazon affiliate. You'll find dozens on Google. It's always a good idea to enter a business you're familiar with.

    Now, I can help you as far as your need for a writer is concerned. I have lots of clients on BHW who are Amazon affiliates. They order four types of content.

    - informational articles
    - product reviews
    - product comparisons
    - buying guides

    Always remember that today's working idea will get harder tomorrow and it gets even harder the day after tomorrow. That has always been the case in life. The bottom line here is that you should equip yourself with the right knowledge with what you're planning to do or with what you're already doing. It's also important that you partner with a writer who has been in the writing business for several years. You need a writer who can give you more suggestions than questions.

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    Hey Silverk,

    I actually have two types of writing services. Depends which one you prefer, both work great for product reviews.

    1. Quality Article Writing

    $1.6/100 words which is high quality content, great money site content.

    BST: Not yet, but you can PM me regarding this. Or add me on Skype.

    2. Affordable Article Writing

    $.7/100 words which is affordable content, great for PBNs, tier sites and if you edit a bit it's great for your money sites.


    Do tell me what you think, and if you have any questions or concerns.