Anyone can give me some help for xrumer ?thank you

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    Hi everyone,

    I finally got access to these beautiful pieces of software and I'm looking for some help, advice and suggestions before I start randomly blasting the planet with a model which isn't going to work. I don't want to waste time and would love to start things off with great advice which have worked for you guys in terms of ranking in G.

    So to start the topic off, how many links per day do you guys recommend building or running in xrumer and do you perform daily runs, weekly, etc? Do you spread your links upon different platforms on a day to day basis (for eg, 500 on forums monday, 500 on guestbooks tuesday, 500 on wiki wednesday, etc)

    Do you point all of the links to your main/money site? I read on here that redirected urls are used to build links upon and then 301 redirected to the money site. How does this work and do you build a certain ratio in this manner...for eg 50/50 301/money links?

    I'm assuming you all run hrefer and scrapebox to scrape keywords and links based on the long tail keywords your ranking, or do you scrape generic keywords. For example...say I want to rank for " coupons". Would you scrape for that exact longtail keyword or "", "hotels" and/or "coupons".

    When backlinking to pages and anchor texts... I've done a lot of research on this. As per my understandings, it's better to spread the links across your homepage and subpages (even if you want to rank the homepage only) which is my case btw...and the anchor texts must be varied with many of them not being your actual targeted long tail keyword which you want to rank for. Is this true? So for example, I'll bring that same example up - coupons. I would spread my links evenly on all pages, say 10...10% links on each page or 20-30% on the homepage and the rest spread evenly on the subpages. As for anchor texts...maybe 20% for the targetted keyword ranking term " coupons, coupon codes", and the rest varied off the subject "click here, click, enter, homepage, link, here, go, etc). Would this be a valid approach? If not, what do you recommend?

    When it comes to domains, would you have better luck ranking an aged domain over a fresh brand new domain? To be more specific...would I be better off ranking an aged domain with some backlink history and pr with partial keywords in the name vs a fresh domain with the exact targeted keywords in the domain name? For eg, based on the above examples. PR3/2009 - - vs PR0/2012 - or - just registered.

    Any help would be appreciated with the will definitely help with putting a base plan in place in order for me to be on the right track.

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    Why are you posting questions about xrumer in the white hat seo section, hello?
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    wrong Thread !