Anybody use linkshare?

Yes i am currently using them for a couple programs. Havent made any money yet though..
i prefer mediafire, personally use them to upload anything i want to, fast and reliable
I have been using Linkshare for a while now. The only issues I have is that they have very poor affiliate managers and they are not consistent with payouts. They pay when the merchant pays and if the merchant is late you wait. I like CJ much better. They also do the payouts but they have a regular time period to pay out once a month and they are consistent.

As far as merchants it they are as good as anywhere else.
I think it's a good affiliate program becuz it's been around forever. there used to be just cj and linkshare when I first started out with affiliate marketing.
I was part of linkshare a few years ago as a site owner and the program manager they assigned to me was awful.
Yes, we use linkshare and have been paid a few times. We have received all that is owed us, we just don't promote them very much. I would have to give them a thumbs up.

I never had any success with Linkshare, but i want to try again in future, the main problem for me is that they only update reports once a day and thats difficult to test PPC campaigns.
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