Anybody running CPA OFFERS using Instagram, and generating $100+ a day??

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by superm0n, Apr 16, 2016.

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    Mar 6, 2016
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    Anybody running CPA OFFERS using Instagram, and generating $100+ a day??
    Would like to connect because using the make money online vertical and dating in CPA but can't even generate $2 a day after nearly 2 months at it.

    For your reference,

    I am using follow liker on a VPS and proxy ( can't even get an account up to 1K followers and 100+ a day followers)

    I have decided to stick with instagram for CPA marketing through to the end until a get to $1k per day in earnings and not to get disappointed and de-motivated with my complete lack of no success and never ever earning more thant $1.50 cents online since begining online back in 2012.

    Im really determined to succeed at this online thing and use intagram as my traffic source (i have $0.00 advertising budget) and get really successful at using instagram with CPA by getting to my GOAL OF $1k PER DAY.

    Again would love to connect with those making $100+ per day on instagram for CPA within the dating or make money online verticals of CPA.
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    When reaching out to those above you in terms of success you need to offer some sort of value. There's no incentive for anyone to connect with you if you don't have some labor or knowledge to give in return.

    Just a heads up in case you wonder why nobody comments.
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    I think you're caging yourself with 1 of many ways of doing money.

    CPA is okay on Instagram. But only if you are in a broad niche like Humor, sex, quotes, teens.

    If you have a specific niche, you're wasting a big opportunity