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Anybody Really Good at Dropshipping want to make some More Money?

Discussion in 'Dropshipping & Wholesale Hookups' started by Postie LLC, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Postie LLC

    Postie LLC Newbie

    Jun 5, 2016
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    Just to introduce myself I’m a 20-year-old what I consider Entrepreneur currently attending NYU majoring in Computer Information System and minoring in entrepreneurship. A few months ago during the school year when Draftkings was legal in NY I played one week and entered the same lineup into about $75 worth or tournaments. Somehow managed to have one of the best line-ups ever and cleaned everybody by 10 points and finished in first in over 15+ tournaments.

    So what’s the purpose of me telling you this? Instead of me just being a degenerate I would like to do something productive with this money. I’m open to all different ideas and I’m pretty much open to anything. But I really like the idea of dropshipping. I currently have a few things going myself but I would like to set up a few websites and basically have the things on autopilot. Just need some help going in the right direction with creating the websites and sending out in such large quantity.

    If you have an idea and you’re looking for a partner, please contact me. I would love to actually figure something out.