Anybody Know Anything About Operating Systems??

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    I have a MSDN account with 10 keys for windows 7 ultimate, but im not sure if i can install it ... i have a decent laptop .. but the OS are only x64 and x86 ... Whats the difference?

    Will it install on my cpu, if so, which one should i install?

    My Cpu:

    Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo T540 @ 1.66GHZ
    Memory (RAM) - 2GB
    System Type - 32-Bit Operating System

    Im currently running vista!
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    Go for it. as for your system install 32 bit as you don't have ram to utilize 64 bit windows. btw x64 =64 bit and x86=32 bit :), and yes win7 should be a bit faster on your sytem than vista.
    Oh forgot whats the diference betwwen 32 and 64 bit os ...wel its what type architecture your system will use 32 bit or 64 bit , you processor will work at 64 bit but there is good chance that 32 bit will work a lot better and also 32-bit can only use 3.5Gb ram so if u have 4 gb + ram you should use 64 bit OS. Hope you get it.
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