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Anybody know Adult/dating/cam affiliate programs - Help me monetize my Chatroom Spam bots

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by botmate, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. botmate

    botmate Newbie

    Jan 28, 2015
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    I've been developing some bots to work across a range of different chat rooms online... I am looking to monetize them with either adult/dating/cam offers. Can anyone recomend some good offer sites for me to sign up to... Ultimately i do not want credit card submits.. I'm looking for just simple signups if possible.. low payout. Or tbh I dont really know what I want. I just wanna use my bots to their full capacity.

    I don't know much about this stuff (cpa programs etc).. so if you can help me, I might be able to help you, as I can built bots out like a ninja.

    If interested, please add me on skype - bot.mate

    Please let me know, Thanks.