Anybody here played raw butt? Funny Video :)

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    Apr 29, 2011
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    Raw Butt (its actually the word for a donkey but i cant post it)

    I don't know if you play it over in america, but its just head and volley, where you start on a certain amount of points, and every head or volley you get scored past you, you deduct a point .. you get down to 0 and you bend over and have the ball blasted at your poop shoot :p

    We play it all the time here, but i caught my bro on camera today .. check it out :D

    you know what to do >> watch?v=CnOhUCZPn9A

    Can't post Links :(

    P.S .. This is what teenagers do! You may find it immature, but i dont care .. you should play, its fun :p