Anybody Here ,Lost A Parent?

I lost my father when i was 15. He was just 41 years old.
Its really tough in the beginning but time heals all wounds. My father was my best friend, we used to talk about everything. I still miss my dad sometimes :/
Sorry for all your losses. I can't imagine what it's like. My parents are getting older, and not the greatest health. In this day and age, you never know when someone will die. You see people dying regular deaths in the 40s even.
Don't try to diminish the pain. That is all part of the grieving process. And even though a piece of you has been taken away, eventually you will focus on all the positive and happy memories you had with your dad, and when you think about him, it will make you smile.

All the best to you and or your family.
I haven't lost a parent and won't pretend I can possibly relate. I had a girlfriend whom I was with for 4 years who lost her father to bowel cancer while I was with her. Watching him fade away was heart-braking and my deepest condolences go to anyone who feels that kind of pain.

I'm so sorry to everyone here who has lost a parent, my thoughts are with you all. Sincerely.
I do hope cancer gets the worst cancer so it would die.. once and for all.
I've not lost a parent, but I did lose my brother when I was eight. He was my role model. Only 16 when he passed. Last month marked the 20th anniversary of his death. I'm sorry about your loss. :(
I recently lost my father, he wasn't much of a father figure or my friend or anything, but he was still my father. I had my tough times at first, and even now I have my days, but it's been over a month now and it's all going better and better.

The best cure for death of relatives is time, there's nothing time can not heal.
My dad died when I was 8, im turning 25 this year. He was walking home from a friends house, and was struck by a drunk driver right outside of the driveway of our old house :(

I wrote a poem for school in the 1st grade, which happened to be about drunk driving. It was published on the front page of our local newspaper. Don't remember exactly how it went, but it was something like this:

"Daddy was walking home from his friends house.
Daddy was hit by a drunk driver.
No more video games with daddy.
No more playing at the park with daddy.
Don't drink and drive, you might kill someones daddy"
Sorry to hear about your losses, all of you.

I lost my mom back in 2008 from heart and kidney failure, she was 54. We weren't that close cause I worked so much, but still. Though time does heal some wounds, I found that distracting myself with things like work and my nephew helped a lot.

rhino, it took me ages to begin to cope when my mum passed, and just as i was coming to terms with it my dad passed away in my care.

One thing I learned is that time isn't the healer, it's what you do with it. Every time I felt sad, I purposely concentrated on one thing that made me smile about my mum. It took a while, but this week I saw Mothers Day cards for sale in the local shop, and my first reaction was to smile at the cards for all those lovely mums including mine.

Peace be with you.
Keep him alive in your heart, as Wiz said.
Let the good memories influence you,
forgive any that were not good.
I still do miss my parents, but oh when I think of them,
there is so much joy because of them. It will come to you, too.
Love as much as you can, and let those who care for you love you back.
have not lost a parent yet. but having lost many others, it seems to me its easier when you have time to deal with it. like if there is a terminal illness it does not come as such a shock and i found it easier to cope. when its sudden with no warning its unbearable. all i can say is it does get better each day. at least for a while you will still wake up every morning and come to the realization of what happened. its strange but you may forget it at certain moments. but take care bro, you're in my thoughts.
My deepest condolences to all those who have lost a parent or a relative that posted on this thread including the OP. It isnt easy losing a loved one and it must be difficult coming to terms with it. Death is there to reaffirm that life is very precious and very fragile. Hence the need to live a full and fulfilling life..

Time will help, it always does. Talk to friends, relatives about what you are feeling, that will help. Most importantly, understand you are not alone and in time, you will be much stronger and better as an individual.

All the best..
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