Sep 5, 2017
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If so, what was it like and what do you think of the demographics, the reach, the methods, etc. Did you ever have any strategy in mind and did it work out? How much money did you make and was it peanuts compared to other stuff you made? What insights do you have that haven't been said before/immediately realized?

What would you recommend for people looking to penetrate and hoping to carve out something of their own? I'm trying to collect advertisers' PoVs regarding gamers (mobile, console, PC & digital distribution, etc.) and their behaviors, as well as how to convert and monetize them efficiently.

I know some basic stuff, especially since I'm a gamer myself, such as their reluctance to comply with traditional web advertising (hence why CPA/affiliate/native has been gaining traction while trad. banner has been declining) and their general tech savvy meaning they are harder to acquire with entry-level methods and being able to identify and thwart forms of marketing. Combined with some/many who just want free stuff despite the already cheap cost of such a luxury as well as the saturation and competition of the market, I imagine it poses quite the challenge to figure out how to come up with a surefire method of monetizing them to four figures and above per month.

For example, is there a real difference if you're trying to target young internet users who can't afford to make online purchases with credit and debit cards? Is e-mail marketing still effective on them? Would they have disposable income to buy either physical or digital products, and which would they have a preference for? Let's assume I am talking about targeting online and PC digital games, for intance.

If this thread could turn into a brainstorm and resource among users I think that would be golden!
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