Anybody Free Style?I felt Creative

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    Jul 10, 2008
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    I get tired sometimes of working for hours on internet marketing so i usually get myself into things through out the day to make my day a good day,today i decided to freestlye about my recent life,and came out with this,i dunno i always feel so creative when im blazing lol so this is the results of taking a break from work and just flowing. Anyone else flow in this internet marketing blackhat world? besides me?I know there must be some other G's hahaha :)

    im not lil wayne or biggie so dont expect that cause in the end i am just a internet marketer right with a story i want to tell,and thats what i put in this song i threw together.

    Alot of people have been asking exactly what do I do? The answer is adsense and ebay partner network,I just take advantage of untapped micro market niches,rinse repeat with other retail products,til my empire is completed :) Theres more companies too but those i will keep to myself.
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