Anybody familiar with writing and selling a eBook? Design, price point, ect.

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    Hey guys I'm in the middle of writing an eBook for fun and hopefully I'll make a couple bucks off it. I make a full time 6 figure living off ecommerce style selling and want to try something new for fun. My book is all original content and isn't bullshit like a majority of e-books, if people read the ebook and do what I show them they will make money guaranteed.

    Here's my current plan of action:
    -Finish the ebook
    -Hire someone to format it, make it look good, brand it. (any recommendations)?
    -Create the sales page
    - Have some people critique review it.
    - Launch it on warrior forum to see what kind of action it gets.

    My big problem is figuring out what to price it at. It's a good product, people will be able to make money with it and it's original information. I'm not sure if I go for the $97 route, $36, $19.97 or $9.95 any suggestions? I was think about starting high on warrior then going from there until I find the sweet spot. Once I find the best price I'll post it on Jvzoo. I've also been told to create 2 or 3 sales funnels, but i'm not sure how I would split the ebook unless i offered coaching or somthing, but i don't have time for that unless it was for big bucks.