Anybody ever Nuked a Dm*z listing

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by haverox, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Normally when I get a new client that already has a website and a few hundred backlinks I nuke the shit out of those because I know that they are either decent backlinks (since the client made them their self) or directories (who really gives a fudge). But this client I'm negotiating with somehow already has a DM OZ. Org listing which hasn't ever happened in any of my offline ventures yet. Would you blast it, make it the super backlink, or just leave it alone. I'm gonna leave it alone for this particular client but I would love to know what some of you may have done in the past and what happened when you did it. Any details you can give would be greatly appreciated but if it's too revealing I understand. Let me know what you think BHW
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    definetely..all the way .....
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    i would probably nuke it just in case it made a benefit.

    i doubt google will be looking that closely at the link building to links to notice and because of its in built authority it might even end up ranking and be a indirect traffic avenue.

    i promote all first level links as if they are main sites normally. that way each first level site can be a standalone money maker as well as providing a great juicy backlink to the main money site