Any YouTube traffic suggestions for me? Currently making $10-$20 Per Month on 12,000 views

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by PChanger, Nov 30, 2013.

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    Hey Guys,

    So I have had a (comedy) YouTube channel for a while now (since May 2012) and I produce all my own content. I have AdSense enabled and am currently making like $7-$20 Per month. Usually I get about 12,000 Monthly views and just over 200 ad clicks. (Also I have just over 600 subscribers that I got naturally) My goal is NOT just to use my channel to rake in as much cash as possible (even tho money is good <3) -- I truly love making videos and do it for the fun of it -- but do you guys have any suggestions as to how I can increase my traffic? I tried using enhanceviews on another channel of mine and it did absolutely nothing beneficial for me. (Brought in over 2,000 subs and a ton of views, though to be fair they were not high retention views.) Also, I tried Vagex previously on a different channel and sort of gave up on it because the program kept crashing and glitching on me, idk if it has changed at all in the past few years or not.

    I'm wondering if maybe doing some backlinking might be a good idea. Just took the time the other day to familiarize myself with the concept, so I'm basically still a complete n00b. Open to any good suggestions/recommendations/advice! Oh, idk if you would need this to give me any suggestions or not, but my channel is /PChangerProductions if it matters. Thanks!

    If I would need to pay for anything, preferably I would like it to be $30 or less. (I don't mind re-investing the money I make through AdSense though, once I get my second pay out. [I'm at like $23 currently])

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    Get a ton of twitter and facebook friends, every time you put a video out post it to both of the sites status. make a blog and place each episode in the blog, write a description on the episode, you could post the blog to the social sites rather then the direct video link, also you can upload the entire txt script of every word you said inside the video to youtube "closed caption" also and this will post inside the video as meta data to help it be found more on search engines. All in all just keep grinding and cross linking your videos in creative ways.
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