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Any USA Certified Public Accountants in the house?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by Techxan, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    TEXAS (you have to yell, its the law.)
    I need advice from lead generation pro's and CPA's.

    I have been handed a lead gen golden opportunity, one that has the potential to solve all my problems and make me very wealthy. I am trying to develop the best way to bring in leads for this offer.

    In a nutshell a long time friend of mine and i got to talking SEO, and he hit me with a bombshell.

    He is a freelance database and system integrations geek. He is the same age as I am and I have worked with him on many IT projects.

    He has been a partner in a telecom company for many years, in addition to his freelance stuff. This telecom company decided a long tie go that the web does not work for lead geeration. They build a crappy site, never did SEO, and never got any business from it. The business owner simply gave up on online lead generation.

    My friend ad I were talking about seo, and my successes with small businesses I have, and he started asking some very pointed questions about lead generation and how it worked.

    After I explained that given time and cash, anything can rank, he dropped this on me.

    This telecom company makes its money with two services. The first one is they examine businesses monthly telco expenses, and develop a package with better performance, speed and reliability, with the goal in mind of reducing the telco expenses in half. Then they take half of what they saved the company as a fee. If they cannot save the company substantial money, the company owes them nothing.

    I have been offered 25% of all the revenue I bring into this system as a lead gen fee.

    Suppose that I bring in someone who spends 1000 a month in telco expenses, 12,000 year. This company will develop a package that saves the company 6000 a year, they get $3000 as a fee, and my share would be 25% of that 3000, or $750. My cut is paid lump sum when the contract is signed.

    The potential? They recently saved a business running 5 radio stations 1.8 million dollars a year (they were spending 3 million a year, this company cut it to 1.2 million). Their fee was $900,000, If I had gotten that lead for them my cut would have been $225,000.

    So the potential for life changing money is there.

    Needless to say I have build a website for this purpose, and am doing SEO.

    Now why I need a Certified Pubic Accountant from the US.

    I have the idea of presenting CPA's with an offer to split my commission with them if they refer a qualified candidate that signs with the company. I would give them 50% of my commission.

    My question is this, will CPA's embrace this idea, or is it against their code of ethics to do something like this? If it is a feasible idea, how do I present it to them?

    I appreciate any input I can get.