Any tutorials on how to find your own High PR links?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by thizzladen, Oct 8, 2011.

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    First of all, I've already done this:


    Most are Sales threads.

    What I'm looking for is tutorials on how to search for my own list of high PR sites to manually post blog comments/links to. So far I know I need to download a toolbar that shows site PR, but what do you guys recommend to go through lists? Use scrapebox? What kind of text on sites should I use as a Google Search Operator?
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    scrapebox is probably your best best here, as you can scrape lists of sites and then run them through the PR checker. I believe there are free scrapers here somewhere as well, so you could use them and then use a bulk PR checker site if you don't want to buy scrapebox.

    What kind of text - your keyword would be best, as links from related sites are far better than links from random ones. If you just want to find high PR blogs, get scrapebox and import a keyword list, then scrape away to find thousands of URLs to check for PR.
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