Any tips to write articles

As many others have suggested Grammarly is the go to solution in this case. It has all the needed tools for a perfect quality final product. Keep an open mind when you start an article and try and find a space which is too noisy so that you focus completely on the article while writing. Get adequate sleep and also keep yourself healthy as a the age old adage a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind is indeed true. Sometimes if you are not able to complete an article just take a pause and relax yourself by doing things such as music, a walk in the park or so, then get back to where you left from. All the best!
I have been using the best spinner tool for about 4 years to rewrite my articles and then use Grammarly to make necessary corrections, then check for plagiarism on copyscape to detect if there is any duplicate content. If you are writing your own articles, as others have said Grammarly is the most trusted one.
Most of the writer I have found are either Grammarly or Hemingway Editor fan. I will recommend the same for sure. But, you have to make sure that you know grammar rules, Grammarly act as a personal editor to point out your mistakes which you may have left while immersed in writing. It will not tell you that your sentence has a different meaning that what you want to convey. So, I will advise you to understand every correction it suggests and then make the corrections.

Also, you can use 'portent's content idea generator' and 'answer the public' tool to find new titles to write on.
To improve your writing:
READ - a lot, I'll say it again... READ a lot! Good magazines, newspapers, books, anything that is GOOD ENGLISH - major newspapers are good sources
WRITE - writing is a skill, you'll get better at it if you do it over and over again, and again, and again.
Of course, there are creative writing courses, but they come at a cost.
Find topics from forums and Quora-like websites
FInd high search volume-low competition keyword.
Write high quality lengthier articles, more than 2000 words is better.
Publish every Tuesday and Thursday between 9:30am and 11am USA East Coast time
Share the contents in social media in the given time period.
Do regular backlinking
Here are some useful tips:
  • Research high volume and low competition keywords
  • Select your topic
  • Read & Research more about a particular topic
  • Think you as a user and write in detail about the chosen topic
  • Use short sentences, bullet points and numbered lists
  • Connect the dots for the reader logically
  • Use transition phrases
  • Add references if any
  • Proofread and spellcheck your writing before you publish
  • Use Grammarly and ginger to check grammar
  • Do On-page SEO. Include keywords in title, URL, Headings H1, H2, H3, etc. Use LSI Keywords.
  • To check word count in Google Docs, Press Ctrl+Shift+C. In MS Word, you can find it on the status bar at the bottom of the workspace.
  • BuzzSumo is a content analysis tool that identifies trending content for any given search term or URL by tracking social shares.
Hope it helps to some extent.
First you need articles spinner, then use Grammerly for correction and lastly you need check plagiarism on copyscape.
If you break down a general article structure you will find out the following: (of course there are how to articles, story telling articles, report articles but this is the general structure)
  1. Headline
  2. Drama
  3. 50 words
  4. Subheads
    1. What
    2. Why
    3. How
    4. When
  5. Handle objections
  6. Case studies / examples
  7. Summaries
  8. Next Step (The Call to Action)
Section 2 (Drama) and 3 (50 words) merge into the lead -> this is where you make sure to grab the attention of your reader so he will continue reading the article.

Hope that helps a bit
Make your article precise, that is within 500to600 words.. Try to provide quality content within those words count..
If you want to engage your audience, you have to write for their needs. If your customers are women aged 35-50, make sure that your content is targeted specifically for that gender and age group and is written for them.
Grammarly is great. For inspiration try to look in places that are not obvious. Things that happen on a daily in your life and create a topic around it that involves tech
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