Any tips on getting visitors to click on my Amazon links?

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    I have a image site in a particular niche. I get around 1500 unique visitors a day.

    I have just recently created a store on my site that links to various products in my niche i.e. tshirts etc.

    The problem is that not many people are clicking on to the store too see the Amazon products.

    I have "Our Store" button on the sidebar. I have "Store" in the top navigation bar and on every page of which there are 2,000, I have the words "Visit our new Store" right at the top of the page above the content, all linked to the page but again not getting many people clicking the link to check the page out.

    Is it just a numbers game? since my traffic is not in a buying mood?
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    2% of people who see your SERP link will click it. 2% of those people might click your store link. 2% of those people might buy something. This all assumes you have something good to offer and it matches what your visitors want.

    So that should amount to 0.6 sales per day.

    1. improve your traffic
    2. incentivize store entries...Visit our store for a chance to win...
    3. Feature products elsewhwere on your site to draw people into the product pages.

    when you exceed 2% of 2% then you are beating the industry averages.
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