Any tips for making money and bringing traffic to a site?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Toocoo82, Jun 3, 2011.

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    My friend is deciding to make an online store and was looking for any tips or advice that would help. He wants to bring in traffic , at the same time make money from hosting ads on his site or any other methods that would not distract or hurt his online sales.

    His site will be coded I believe in flash (it has a really fast loading time even on a slow connection) and he has a mobile version as well with a fast checkout system. If flash is not a good idea for ads, let me know.

    This was my advice to him, and I posted this thread for anyone to correct me or just add to my advice (as I am not a perfect expert to im) to help rank it really quick and drive traffic.

    - Use social networks
    - Create articles that are part of the niche (400-600 words with the keyword(s) he choose a few times in it).
    - Upload videos of your products
    - Check out cyberzilla post on keywords lol (thanks cz)
    - Have a space to host google ads on your site, or even other website banners (if that's possible to do in a flash site).
    -Have a mailing list for users to subscribe their email.

    Any successful advice you have would be great! From software, to anything or specific tactics.
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    If it's a flash site i swear that Google cannot index content on them, if the content
    is it those boxes then the G spider cannot index it - I think
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    Its possible from the google forum. "Googlebot can index almost any text a user can see as they interact with any Flash SWF file on your site, and can use that text to generate a snippet or match query terms in Google searches. Additionally, Googlebot can also discover URLs in SWF files (for example, links to other pages on your site) and follow those links." - extracted from the google forum. Sorry. can't reply with the link due to limited post count.