Any tips for getting into high quality editorial sites?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by xplosiv, Apr 18, 2017.

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    There isn't much information out there about this, but I am a decent writer and I want to get high quality publisher accounts at places like vice,, smithsonion etc... these are huge authorities on the internet and the link juice would bonkers.

    I have accounts at smaller publishers, but getting in with the big boys seems almost impossible. I've tried bribing a few editors, but they don't reply or tell me it's unethical (I've done this in the most subtle way possible).

    I have some ideas for very good articles that don't have anything to do with my money site at the moment, but its about a dance style I'm interested in and have a lot of "inside" knowledge from the creators and people who train under them.

    Anyone have any ideas or tips on getting through to these huge publishers?
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    I would start off by writing good content on those smaller publishers.

    You don't need to bribe anyone, just show them the work you've done and pitch your idea. If you're pitching without any prior material to show, you're probably not going to get anywhere; publishers get pitched ideas for stories all the time, you have to stand out.

    Do some research and try to get the names of the people that can help you so you're not approaching it as cold.