Any tips about stop smoking?

Hi, I quit smoking 16 years ago. During that time I helped some people do it too. So my greatest advise is set your mind properly towards the quitting. First of all know that you're ditching the cigarettes FOR GOOD ! Never go that road of experimenting to see if you could or plethora of reasons to hold the boat with one hand. JUST LET GO AND KNOW IT'S FOR GOOD. Secondly know that YOU CAN! I don't know a single person that tried and didn't succeed. If you fail it means you had self doubts. Know that it's perfectly doable and If other people did it YOU'LL DO IT TOO. Third advice is get familiar with what you're dealing with. Nicotine is an addictive DRUG and it should be dealt like one. Never use substitutes, medicine, patches and all sort of BS. This is holding the boat with one hand. LET GO. Best way to treat an addiction is to shake you life a bit. Find new hobby, job, lover,travel,sport etc... Whatever inspires you You know yourself better. To wrap it in a word : you need an ADVENTURE. This is the only way to stop drugs. You need a new horizon, new path a new goal a new inspiration (or maybe an old one that you failed or postponed at some point in life). Remember it's all in your head and all the drugs your brain needs are already present in your body. No need for extra boost from the chemical industry to help speed up the process. IT'LL HAPPEN BUT IT TAKES a little bit of TIME. Fourth : Know that the drugs need you and not the other way around. I read somewhere that the cigarette you smoke now gets in you bloodstream after ~ 8 hours. So basically you smoke to store it in your lungs. So cut it's supplies ! Fifth : develop a REBELLIOUS MIND! Know that the corporations standing behind the cigarettes industry are the same responsible for so many disastrous outcomes in people life. And yet with each pack we render them stronger. Do you want to take part of this? Next is stay positive and look at the great future that lies ahead of you. It's not just the physical health you gain it's also the mental one. After quitting trust me you'll develop much stronger personality. Another benefit is the World's aroma that is hidden for you now. In about half a year your nose will start to recover and uncover all the odors that are hidden for you now because of the smoke damage you're causing to your sensors. For me it was like getting back to my childhood. And last : know that the hardest bit is about 40 - 60 days. Then it becomes easier and easier. At first you'll feel "naked" or "vulnerable" like a new born (don't know how to describe it better). But that's just a mental state. Know that you're strong enough.

P.S.: My story goes back years ago. I was doing all sorts of drugs Heroine, Cocaine, Meth you name it I was on that boat. So first I had to quit hard stuff! Then two years later it was the nicotine. Two more years it was the Weed and now a year ago I decided to quit the alcohol. That's me - I was one of those with dark necessities. Or was I ? But I quit. I grew up. Don't regret anything in my life. It could have been more creative and healthier though. But I know It was fun just don't remember the most part of it :) So for me been here reading this and other forums alike and trying to build something on internet is one of those ADVENTURES we all need to stay on track and drive our existence. It's something completely new and unknown for me but gives me the inspiration and the sense of goal to pursuit.

I know that all that WILL HELP YOU. Now get out and break yourself out of that prison !
It is down to will power everything gets easier after 30 days, get into the habit of putting the packet of cigarettes into a Jar then buy something at the end of the month year etc. You will be amazed....
A great tip is to wait 60 sec every time you want to smoke.
Once this automatic behavior no longer exists, continue to gradually reduce your consumption until you feel comfortable to stop for real.

Do this with the classic "plenty of waters/healthy foods/exercises" and you will do well
Although electronic cigarettes are not healthy in their own right, but it will help alot with controlling the nicotine intake, whilst having the placebo of 'smoke' inhalation
Bro you can do it. It's been 3 year's since I inhale my last cigarette.

Cigarettes are very bad. It's destroy every part of your body.

You can quit smoking cold turkey because quitting cigarettes don't have major withdrawals symptoms. So go ahead and quit this thing.

You'll probably be craving for cigarettes for some time after you quit smoking because it takes some time to clean up all your nicotins.
Never had a cigarette in my life. But I do know what addiction is. Just quit sugar the day before yesterday (that's what us addicts do, count the days, then weeks etc). This time, hopefully, for good. Then again, I eat fruit so, I still have it but I'm trying to cut processed foods and limit my sugar intake.

And like with any addiction, the process is similar. Some have mentioned it before. Start slowly. I'd add finding some hobbies and things to do with your hands. Google is also your friend so, go for it. Good luck. :)
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Ask @proxygo
Start with nicotine gums or something similar
Don't wait until something terrible happens

here is why you wanna quit now.
long story short, i smoked from age 15 - 50. then at the end of Nov 2020
i had a heart attack at home, i was lucky to no the symptoms, and call an
ambulance within the first 5mins.

in 20 mins i was at hospital and taken straight into surgery for a STENT operation
as both my heart valves had closed up. it took 4 Stents to re open my 2 heart valves .
1 is known as the WIDOW MAKER.

it was caused by smoking, i no this as my cholesterol level was measured at 2.6.
i knew then and there, ide never smoke again.

i was lucky - when i went down, i only went down to 1 knee and crawled to
my bedroom door, banged on it as my wife was asleep, she came out as i
was down on 1 knee, i looked up, passed here the phone and said 1 word.
HELP. its been 7 weeks, ill never smoke again. im not dying at 51.
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Cold turkey... Do NOT start vaping, you need to break a habbit. Make sure you have some healthy snacks ready all time, it distracts you from the crave.
Well it's been 5 years since i start smoking, and let's be honest, smoking is basically killing you slowly but faster than a normal rate. So i finally made the call and decide to stop.

But is really really REALLY hard.

Pretty sure here we've got some smokers or ex-smokers, so i'm simply asking for tips

Thanks :)
Take counselling from drug rehab related doctors.
They have some special medicine which will prevent you from smoking.
I was a smoker also but I have taken the counselling with a rehab related drug health doctor.
He gave me some medicine.
I have taken and I am out of smoke for the last 51 months.
Ok cant help but add my view.

I was a chain smoker, a pot head who needed a hit to feel good.

I cleaned up 9 years ago when I joined NA. The only thing they tell you there is quit drugs in one shot and don't try to moderate since you always go back to square one.

I used the same thing to quit smoking, first I acknowledged smoking was an issue and then I had to quit to be better.

So one fine day after my 60th cigarette for the day and 9 years of smoking, I gave my last half cigarette pack to my friend and said I quit.

I am off drugs for 9 years, nicotine for 8 years, caffeine for 6 years and I plan to get off porn soon.

So always ensure you tell people you quit so you subconscioly feel the pressure initially.

Start drinking a lot of water, juice and this will help you initially. Swim and run/ cycle
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