Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. YouTube Keyword Hijack

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    I have a music video from an independent artist who has a moderately big feature. We are looking to get to the first page of searches for this artist on YouTube.

    The featured artist's monthly search volume on YouTube is 606,400 and on Google is 240,000. Currently the first page of searches the top 10 videos views look like this, in order.

    3 mil
    1.5 mil
    2.6 mil
    11 mil
    12 mil
    22 mil

    Also note the video ranked 19 on the first page has 46,000 views.

    I'm currently looking for a way to guarantee crack this top 10 within a month's time. Don't have to be number 1 although that would be awesome. I just want to get the video into the top 10 and coast from there. A part that confuses me is that there is a video with 162,000 views that ranks higher than a video with 22 million views.

    If I could rank higher than the video with 22 million views with only 170,000 views that would be awesome BUT what am I missing.

    How does something like that happen?

    Will a shit load of likes, favorites and comments make that big of a difference when the views are that far apart?

    Originally I was thinking of doing 200,000 views, 1000 comments and 1k likes. Does this sound like a good start in getting ranked on a search term that has so many heavily viewed videos?

    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.