Any "Stackers" here? Investing in SILVER, and GOLD.

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    I've been interested in coins since I was 6 years old (I'm 24 now).

    I've been buying a few silver and gold coins a few years back without giving it much thought really, actually 8 years ago to be exact. I did this just for the fun of it, and but realized a few years ago that my coins have appreciated a LOT in value (they are worth more than double now than what I paid for them).

    Anyway, I invested in Dogecoin and Darkcoin (Now Dash), along with a little bitcoin, however I got really REALLY interested in silver, and have now invested more than $15,000 and $4000 in Gold.

    Silver have a better performance than gold, however I like to diverisfy my portfolio. I am NOT a rich person, at all. I have a normal 9-5 job, and earn around $500 monthly online atm. (was more than $1000 monthly a few months ago, but it dropped a little).

    What I really want to ask is: Does anyone here stack gold and silver? Maybe even Platinum and Palladium? Would be interesting to know!

    The cool thing about silver and gold is that it's something PHYSICAL, a rare precious metal. If you DON'T hold it, you DON'T own it. So I'm not talking about paper silver, or paper gold. I'm talking about the real thing here guys.
    I'm going to use the money for vacations and stuff when I get older and get kids and all that. There's all kinds of different designs and brands to choose from. I LOVE IT! Being able to buy something, and SAVE at the same time is awesome!

    Here is an awesome video that explains exactly WHY Silver is as undervalued as it is right now. It's price is being manipulated HEAVILY, which is why it is as "cheap" as it is. Buying silver is a way to make a hedge from the ever going inflation that is going on.

    here is a few links for those of you who's curious about it:

    Youtube Channels:

    Website I buy my stuff from:


    The COOL thing about this is that I can use some of my IM earnings to get "free" silver or gold. I simply love it! :D