Any spanish speakers here?

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    Mar 28, 2010
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    Hi there guys,

    I have just started a forum/community for spanish speakers to hang out. The forum still does not have content and I just finished setting up the basics. However, all spanish speakers are invited to join as I'll start adding content to it very soon and I hope we can put something of quality together.

    I've read some threads from bilingual members here that would like to hang out in a forum where they can meet people who speak their first language, spanish. Well, here's the opportunity.

    If there are experienced spanish marketers here who can publish some quality threads about any IM topic, I'd appreciate the help for adding content.

    Btw, to the BHW admins and mods... If seeking for spanish speakers in this forum is wrong, feel free to delete this thread. I have no intentions to interrupt in the development of this forum. I am just trying to look for people who would like to understand better the IM concepts in their own first language.

    The forum I just created is

    It is still very basic as you will see. No content yet, I repeat. I will appreciate the help if anyone is willing to publish quality content to get it started.

    Thanks for your time!