Any Relax Affiliate Programs?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by richjerk85, Jul 2, 2008.

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    do any of you here know if there are affiliate program that are more relaxed on blackhat marketing?

    I know clickbank is quite relaxed... Is CJ and ebay and Amazon relaxeD?
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    Jan 17, 2008
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    lol how relaxed are we talking? :D
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    The CPA networks aren't "relaxed" because they are on the line for delivering decent leads to the advertisers who pay them. Ergo, you need to provide leads with a decent percentage of follow-through to an eventual payment to not get banned.

    If you deliver a gob of unqualified leads, they will soon tire of you and either ask you to stop promoting the programs or outright ban you altogether. In any case, they will always be interested and nosey about how you go about promoting. If you look at the business model, that will make sense.

    Clickbank, on the other hand, collects money upfront for products. You're not really on their radar until they've been paid. They'll not likely care how or to whom you are promoting -- unless they get inundated with refunds from your prospects.

    Hope that helped.
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    Clickbank is very relaxed with anything as long as it doesn't calls for their attention intervention, honestly. Clickbank is one of the more tolerant networks seeing as it isn't even hard to get back in if they ban you. I also recommend PayDotCom since you aren't really tied into an internal network instead you're using PP as a direct affiliate sales processor also so it is not completely internal, PayDotCom just does the monitoring and tracking, and that's basically their system.

    Sinewave basically identified the average CPA network's attitude. They have to make sure their clients are happy before you are and they have to prevent nasty tactics from their system at the same time they want to earn. Once you understand this you can take these two narrowed identifications and decide affiliate networks and how you are going to promote them. CPA networks are delicate and you have to look at many things when promoting CPA offers and affiliate networks like Clickbank runs on a different tracking schema. You can make obvious assumptions just by reading the features of aff. progs.