Any Real Bring The Fresh 2012 Reviews?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by coreygeer, Jun 4, 2012.

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    I'm looking for people who are actually apart of "Bring The Fresh" 2012 and have experience with it and can give an unbiased review.

    My friend sent me the Fast Start Guide and it seems like a logical idea. I can see how it would make money.

    However, I'm curious as to how the program is and if it's worth the $90 price tag or if it's just another marketing crock sent out to the masses to make them more money.

    I saw a huge review thread on Warrior Forum but let's face it.. the Warrior forum isn't exactly the best place to go for reviews or intellectual discussion.. sorry if that offends anyone.

    So, please give me your unbiased review on the Bring The Fresh 2012 program ONLY IF you have bought it or have experience with it. I don't want to hear how you don't think it will work or how you don't like Kelly Felix. I know most review sites are full of shit and are just trying to sell you garbage. Trust me, I know this.

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    Jun 9, 2012
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    I joined Bring The Fresh not too long ago. Prior to that I had no experience with IM, so I really don't have anything to compare it to.

    The Good:

    I will say that the program has some great information in it. It was through Bring The Fresh that I learned to create my first web pages (On WordPress), and get them ranked on Google. The methods they teach are solid, and the forum has some great people on it who are both friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

    The Bad:

    Kelly and Mike know their craft. They are great at what they do. But one of their selling tactics is to say that they are available to anyone who needs their help. I have emailed them on several occasions, and I have NEVER heard back from Kelly. Mike has responded a couple of times, but generally ends up recommending one of their paid services to help me out. While it is annoying to constantly be asked to spend more money, it is refreshing to atleast get a response from Mike. There is always an up-sell to any of their products, and so I don't think you ever actually get all of the information you really are looking for.

    Have I made any money from Bring The Fresh? Not a dime. I believe there are many people who are making money using their methods, but for some reason - I am not one of them.

    I WAS going to get their newest product, "Project Profits" but I am so tired of people up-selling, that I have elected not to get it.

    So there you go. An honest review, about as honest as you are going to get.
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    Hey CoreyGeer,

    I've been a member of BTF for a few months, and today posted an epic 3000 word review on my blog on what I think about BTF and my experience with it.
    I'm new to the BlackHatWorld forum so I don't want to post the link on here to my blog post.. In case I get told off for spamming! Ha! But if you would like to have a read of it, just let me know!