Any ping tools work with cron jobs


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Apr 8, 2008
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I was wondering if their is any form of software I can tie in with a cron job..whatever??...that can grab a random url from my site ...and ping that url out to a set of ping aggregators..
Or even just manually do it with ?? but from within the site itself rather than 'just' pinging the site externally.
there are a number of great ping tools. You just load your urls and they will do the rest. Search and ye shall find.
Sure..but if you are talking about normal ping tools...then thats not what I am talking about.
If you knew of any tools that worked through/with a cron job I am sure you would have mentioned didnt..ergo.. :)
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2 scripts running via Cron:

1) ht**tp://

Pings a bunch of services. Has a nice array that lets you easily enter a new service.

2) ht**tp://

Pings fewer services. However, will look at your feed and compare against the last version before sending out a ping.
Thank you very much for taking the time to provide that..unlike the other guy.. :)
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