Any people earning from CPA in 2024 ?

Here, returning from 2016-18, I only have about 10 USD (fb group) but of course there are people earning with cpa cpa is timeless since it is a branch of marketing there will always be someone who needs to sell-buy something even if it is something as simple as you name and physical address (I guess it's for mailbox spam hahahaha) if not, it's not the same as before but many of us turned our eyes to cpa again because SEO and AI are quite oversaturated (being accepted in AdSense is It's almost a matter of witchcraft lol) when here in cpa probably the same click ad on roulette will generate more or less the same as it did 10 years ago with the appropriate adjustments... so yes, if you dedicate yourself to this you will have your dream salary without any problem....
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I am doing research on CPA for last 2 months.
1) The people who are earning a lot are CPA network owners.
2) CPA ads network owners.
3) Big CPA YouTube channels.
The best way to know if people are earning is not to ask but to see how much money people who should be earning and spending to do so. If someone is willing to pay a lot of money in an industry to earn in tools you know there's profit to be made or they couldnt do that.
The premise of all money making is that you should have a strong foundation and multiply your efforts
I got more than $1 million from cpa..
Unfortunately it still in my dream..
Never give up dreaming.. never give up trying.. One day you will get there.
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