Any other BHW users Have tools from YesOrNo?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by EmailMaster, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Hey people,

    Okay so Ive bought Tools for black hat automation, He is also known as YesorNo on this Forum. Ive bought Almost ever tools he's made. Answer-Eye, Cl tool and even his yahoo emailer.

    So here's my Story, I bought answer-eye first and it was a great tool, it did what i wanted it to do and i get support for it as well. So i decided to buy more of his products. I went on to buy the Cl program he made. it was a amazing it worked perfectly with no problems. So i needed an emailer i saw he made a really good yahoo emailer.

    So i bought it and it hasn't worked from the first day i got it. I try everything. i even emailed YesorNo 10000x to help me and it took like 8 months to figure things out but still not working. So I think it was Nov he figured out the problem it was the GUI that yahoo uses now. So im like there we go we figured out the problem now.

    So here's the piss off part. Its been like over a billion years now lol and still no updates, always an excuse and its starting to really piss me off. Ive supported all his software and his decaptcha service and the guy cant even update his software or compensate for the extremely late update and loose of money on this. Now Answer-eye doesn't work and I've emailed him to try and get an update and he says ill take a look and no update still. Also its almost impossible to talk to him on Skype i always seem to just miss him. Like Fuck ive invested all this time and money and cant even get anything working properly.

    Anyone know any other tools or what i should do about this?