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Any Other Answer Eye Users?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by gimme4free, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. gimme4free

    gimme4free Executive VIP Premium Member

    Oct 22, 2008
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    I bought the application 3 days ago and have not had a good experience with the application so far and was wondering if anyone could step in with any tips as the support teams response is extremely slow.

    Problems that I am having:

    I setup 13 eyes, checked all and set them to monitor. After 6 hours they had found 2 questions. From a manual search I found that over 30 questions had been opened with exactly the same keywords in hours.

    On the account register screen I registered 1 account and then second time around it wont register anymore, it keeps on saying that Yahoo! cannot find an alternative, is this a proxy issue? If so how can I use authentication proxies with your application as the scraped proxies are too slow to even load Yahoo.

    I searched for questions with the software and chose to answer over 50 questions. My interval was set at 60 seconds and timeout at 60 seconds. I removed all not open questions beforehand and then left it running. After an hour only one question had been answered. There is no error reporting console for me to tell what has gone wrong or where so I tried again and no questions got answered after an hour.

    I do not have a slow internet connection and so far I have not used proxies for anything so speed should not be such an issue but I am having a lot of problems and with no logging console I am finding it extremely difficult to see what is going wrong.

    Is anyone having success with the application because to me it doesn't look like I am going to be able to make more than 1 post per day with this application!!!
  2. islandman1010

    islandman1010 Elite Member

    May 10, 2008
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    Hi Gimme,

    I use it everyday but I dont use the account register screen. I think an update to version 7.7 was meant to make this easier but Im not sure. I bought 1000 yahoo emails on BHW for $15 and loaded them all in. Saved so much time and it rotates through them one at a time when posting.

    One of the ways to tell if its working is to use the "debug option". if you get an 999 error this means that Yahoo either doesnt like your ip, the URL you are linking to or your Yahoo ID.

    Generally what I do is save the eye then each day I search that eye and get all the questions. I then select the ones I will answer and choose to add a random preset answer from my eye (I use 12 answers per eye all with a different short url to my real url) and then I pass them all to "answer questions in batch". You must select each answer and make it have a blue "selected" line through it (ctrl + ). Its no use just ticking it. Then I tick them all in "batch answer"

    So now I might have 400 or 500 to answer. I then use "hide-my-ip" and set that to a new IP every 3 minutes and ****************** to 60 seconds......then I go to bed.

    Generally it will answer several hundred over night for me.

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  3. Mage

    Mage Junior Member

    Jan 31, 2008
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    I too have never got my professional version to work properly since I bought it some months ago. Can't even update these few days.