Any offliner's here a member of their Chamber of Commerce, lions club, or rotary?

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by hostie, Sep 12, 2011.

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    My offline partner and I took a visit to our local Chamber of Commerce, it's a small fee ($235/yr+$30/1 time fee) and there are tons of resources from what it seemed.

    I've never actually spoken with a Commerce member, well not about their experience with the C.O.C.

    Does it build your credibility with other business owners drastically? Do you see any serious benefits or increase in business being able to brand your business with the C.O.C. logo?

    Any other information/experiences you have with being a part of these groups would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would say, "yes", but only if you already have an online presence (website, fanpage etc), at least a couple happy clients through your normal "real-life" referral network of family and friends, you have your sale spiel down and you have the extra cash.

    Once you have at least those basics, then it's a good way to expand your network of business contacts, which should lead you to more sales. But if you live in a city of at least a few hundred thousand people, there should be some smaller business groups you can join without paying them to be a member.

    There are many business networking clubs and social media clubs that do not require you to pay your way in to join, start there.

    Payed clubs like the BBB or the local chamber should be at the bottom of the list if you are just starting out unless you have the extra cash sitting around, which if that is the case, go for it. One client's first month will pay for your yearly fee.

    EDIT: OH Hotsie, based on your previous threads, I know you come from a smaller town, if you have the cash to spend, it probably wouldn't hurt, but at least have a good presentation on something the local businesses need to know, keep it simple, but give away truly valuable info and that should get you a few clients. Even if you show them step-by-step EXACTLY how to do it themselves, most local businesses would rather hire you to do it for them than doing what you just showed them how to do themselves.
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    NotTheDude hit the nail right on the head. Since I've started out, I haven't seen the need to pay for any type of business networking membership, however I do see a good benefit from it. People there will probably be established businesses or looking into going into business long-term, which is exactly the type of clients you want: ones with money.

    I joined as many groups as I could and attended as many as I could. This is all the networking I have done and I have a healthy supply of contacts. If you are from a small town, you would do well to follow what NotTheDude said. Establish yourself as an local online marketing guru.