Any of you guys used to be into [email protected]@ Rares and Cracking?

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    Feb 25, 2011
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    I haven't been here long, but as I browse through the forums, I see a lot of SN's that I recognize from back in the day when I used to crack Yahoo ID's.

    For those that don't know, "rare" id's were id's that had symbols, or capital letters in them, which weren't allowed after a certain point. A lot of people used to use them when Y! pool was huge.

    I used to belong to a ton of forums back then, tc comes to mind, and I actually made some decent money from selling those "rare" yahoo id's.

    I was just curious if any of you guys used to be into that stuff. I had a blast back in those days, just a kid havin fun. Now it's for real, and I have bills to pay. :(

    If you were into it, post one of your favorite ID's ever, and if you still have it.

    My fav ID Ever...... $tardust - - Sold it for $80 :D