Any interest in this (sorta maunal) Twitter tool?

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    what? I gotta have a job?
    BHW - Where else?
    1. This tool requires manual tweeting though I can add a panel for copy/paste tweet material (facts about ...)
    2. This sits directly (hidden) on your website.
    3. This is customized per domain (per url for the like buttons) to follow specific twitter accounts or specific twitter searches.

    This started as a mad scientist lab project. (minus the scientist part).

    This places a bar on the top of a website for likes, tweets...see attached image 1 - the real meat of the program is next.


    There is an Easter Egg (hidden) that pulls up, on the website a quick login see image 2.


    An ajax driven overlay then appears on the website. Right now I have it set to Twitter but I can pull in any RSS feed / OR any url oriented service (ie: Facebook, how many backlinks to this url, social mentions, blah blah blah) see image 3


    All of this happens on the website the bar is installed on. This install is a simple one line javascript call.

    Have an idea for this? Speak out or PM me.
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