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    I have a contact in the US that uses field engineers to do network troubleshooting and equipment installs. Typically these jobs take an hour or 2, pay 30 an hour (more in some markets, we have to compete), and involve installing Cisco equipment on T1 lines, troubleshooting connectivity issues in the DEMARC, Installing Adtran equipment and voice 66 blocks, repairing bad wall jacks, Cisco VIOP phones.

    Ability to console into Cisco equipment and make configuration changes under direction of higher level support essential, as well as a strong commitment to solving problems and customer service. Necessary tools of the trade and insurance needed. US and Canadian techs needed.

    This is permanent piecemeal 1099 work on an as needed basis.

    I have done business with this company for 10 years, and they have essentially asked me to create a network of techs nationwide with a similar skill set, because they like the level of service I have provided them over the last decade. If there are a lot of Chase banks around you, this is a moneymaker, we have part of that that contract.

    If you have the necessary skills, tools, professionalism, and insurance and are interested please PM me please with your e-mail.

    Cisco certs are not required, experience trumps everything.