Any interest in a SMS bot / full working AI text message responder?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by mattstrike, Nov 20, 2014.

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    My programmer & I coded a nice system which we spent several weeks on which can handle about 50 different phone numbers per each IP address from a service I won't specify on the thread. Each number can handle thousands of conversations and text messages per day. It is a full artifical intelligence bot, it uses a script, has options to add trigger detections like "are you a bot" and it will respond, "no i am not a bot" it is great at converting sales for any niche. My question is, would anyone be interested in anything like this, and how much would it sell for? I am debating on selling a few copies in the BHW market forum. Obviously I can teamviewer and show it in action & demo but I can't tell how to get the numbers or any other trade secrets unless I decide to sell some copies. But it costs nothing and the numbers last forever without ever dieing as long as its incoming traffic, and not spamming outbound random people all day long. Can get phone numbers in any area code in the 50 states. Also has a database that stores all numbers, that contact it, so it doesn't keep relooping the script, and it can ban numbers, as well as if they text it "unsubscribe" it will add them to ban list and send them no more messages, etc. I have been making a few thousand dollars a day with my mail traffic to it.

    Looking for any feedback, or if a system like this exists already can someone let me know where so I can base my sales thread and pricing off it? thank you!