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Sep 13, 2008
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Hey All,

I am just trying to gauge the interest of people who would be interested in a method to create as many EPN accounts as they have proxies.
I actually titled my text, "EPNSALLDAY"

As you know these accounts get sold for as high as $150 per account.

I have perfected a method to do this, and will consider writing an ebook. Actually I have wrote the steps down on a word document, just haven't converted it into Ebook form.

The method is blackhat to the extremes I would say. But I have used it to create well over 50 accounts successful in a row-- this would be US active accounts by-the-way. Some I have sold to a few members here privately but the bulk I have kept for private usage.

Like I said, if there is enough interest I will put it into ebook form and package it up for sale.

Just a few questions--- (1) Is anybody interested in something like this?
(2) How much would be a fair price to ask? and (3) How many copies should I restrict this to?
I'd keep it down to 5 copies, at 500-xxx?X? each...I dono, your call.

you should let my only one sell before you put this up though...:p (I honestly have no use for it...just sittn there..)

Lol...yeah I will let your only one sell... You got to lower the price though man-- I let some go for $90---- :)
Someone will buy that account from you fast now---- there are tons of people looking for accounts-- just most scared of 2009 ebay changes right now I guess-- Once they see nothing is going to happen-- back to business as usual.
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