Any Indian NOOB from delhi???


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May 9, 2008
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Sorry for posting in this section but this is the most read so kindly excuse me.

I was wondering if BHW has some noob from delhi struggling to make money online. I am a delhite and would love to meet up for brainstorming n sharing ideas.

PM me as soon as possible, Lets make it before the year ends.

Cheers and may god bless BHW
PM me if you ever think to come Jaipur
why does the person have to be from dehli? can it be from anywhere?
lets hope there aint any other 'extra' services included in this meet up (for anyone that has seen sex drive the film you would understand lol)
Has BHW turned into an Indian Money Lover's dating site?
What you think about a meet up of Indian BH marketers.

I can go to any part of India after exams.
I am a white guy from San Francisco, wanna meet up?
lol indians.........................................
hey IZM, you meet? yes? Good! Meet on the corner of 1st and 2nd!?
lol why you create the thread here in this section.."BlackHat Lounge" is the perfect place for this sort of threads
i'm sorry for posting this in here but it is the most read part so..........
okk.. so I am in...:D
Lemme know anyone wanna meet in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram)
Me too from Chennai, between, Ohhh.. pls.. I am not ready for any dating ;)
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