Any ideas on how I could dominate this niche?


May 26, 2018
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So my niche is the “type beat” niche. Now it’s definitely a competitive market but I feel like there’s still a lot of room to succeed in it.

Now my question to all you seo and internet marketing masters out there is how could I possibly get my foot in to be successful?

I have a beat website (through beatstars) and I post on YouTube and twitter several times a week but I still cannot get consistent sales. My beats are good (I make at least $500 every month off them) but I just can’t seem to get enough traffic to them to make it consistent.

Anyways to grow my YouTube, Twitter, and IG quickly and safely so I don’t get banned? Also any ways to get more traffic to my site?

I’m really new when it comes to posting on here so I apologize if my questions are stupid. I will get the hang of it eventually lol.

Btw I’m absolutely blown away by how smart some of you guys are on here lol. Reading all of it keeps me motivated
I'm not a specialist but just some successful methods I have already seen in your niche:

- Soundcloud (buy fake listenings and likes) and your Youtube channel to your profile, comment on famous beats producers
- Reddit, beats subreddit
- Youtube live with review of subscribers beats (force them to subscribe to your channel and like the live to get your review) or live producing new beats (suggest likes etc..)
- Youtube video with other beats producers
- Youtube video of the production of a remix of a trending song
It`s very competitive, may be You can try with parasite SEO using at least some YouTube videos
like Max Blax said soundcloud is a must if you are in that niche, I'd recommend you to grow more ig accounts use them as CPA to make more traffic for your youtube chanel.
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