Any Ideas For A Speedy Mega-Site Creation?


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Oct 7, 2008
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Hello everyone.

I've been in the IM game for a while now, so i pretty much know what im doing, i dont need advice on SEO/Money making, but rather efficiency of building a rather very large website.

I need some ideas for a way to create a HUGE HUGE website, i mean really huge, I've got about 30gb of text files/PLR/MMR and a whole host of other goodies ready to go.

I've been a web developer for a long time now, but i just cant get my head around how to make this website quickly. The amount of stuff is just head-explodingy large.

I need ideas on how people think i should put it all together, i was thinking create a section of the website for MMR things, setting them up with paypal ect is going to take about a month of non stop work (probably about 3k mini sites) are all going to be on one domain, not sub domains. I think im going to have a giant index broken down into section and then the mini sites with sales pages from there on out.

The plain text PLR will be easy enough to automate with the filesystemobject and text steam object, so thats not a problem.

Has anybody else set up 3k-5k mini sites on one domain before? what was the quickest way you did it? Im hoping to have the whole site finished in 2-3 months.

It's going to be like a directory, but one with a lot of sites within it.

But i dont want it to look like a directory lol.

This is going to take some time....

Cheers! :)
I think the best way to handle this would be a CMS. I'd use Joomla because of the sheer number of sites you will be creating. If you crossed out that option, you could check out Artisteer or Xsite Pro. Hope that helps.
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If I am understanding you correctly, I think you can write up a script to do this pretty quickly.

I think your site will be in the form of

I would determine my minisite keywords.
Establish a single form of css (you can change colors or images or soemthing, but a standard css formation).
I would write a script that would open each text file I had, assign it a minisite keyword based on rules I had set up.
For example:
 if(strpos("insurance", $file))
$newfile = "$minisitekeyword = 'insurance'; $type = 'article';".$file;
//Put $newfile into a database or save it to an php page
After establishing my rules, I would let it parse all my text files, saving them as php files.

Next, use modrewrite to make your urls nicer:

Now you dont have a giant file system. Some maintenance may be a pain, but you can have your single site of several thousand minisites up in a few hours.

Super Edit:

While you're doing this, code a quick interlinking program that will scan your new documents and make links to other minisites. Wikipedia-like internal links in just a few hours of work... And you thought it would take months.
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Something off-topic here, but how long did it took you to learn PHP?
I currently know most of the basics, but the step towards advanced is just too complex.
Something off-topic here, but how long did it took you to learn PHP?
I currently know most of the basics, but the step towards advanced is just too complex.

About 6 months or so to learn enough to do what I needed at the time.

Though I didnt need to know how to do some stuff that I kicked myself for later (regex, for example).

I would suggest you get to where you can make a good CMS.
Next, work on your cURL. Try to learn to:

  • download a page
  • log in to a website
  • post more data into a website after you've logged in
Learn RegEx. It will save you mountains of time.
Learn file system manipulations

Finally, start combining.
Create a site that once a day pulls 10 articles from ezine articles and posts them to your CMS.
Create a Google Link scraper using RegEx.
I've just noticed regex will be a part of the next chapter of the book i'm reading so that's already covered.

I know some of the stuff you've mentioned already(i've managed to login into twitter and update status and such)

Thanks for the information, by the way.

It's just when i read scripts of bookmark submitters and such, it all seems so complex.
I guess i should just start with something simpler.
there is a way to use the PLR and also the articles from article directories but also not get into supplemental.One of the e-books that talked about this subject is called as "duplicate content maximizer model".You can search for it in this forum.It will definitely be helpful on telling you how you can use the PLR effectively.
Cheers guys, SHOwnsYou, cheers mate, im an ASP develop my PHP is a bit rusty,

So far this is what i've managed with ASP, to create the PLR side of the website, just wrote a script to look in folders and write out the text files using textstreamobject and the FSO, next is the big section for MMR sites!

cheers for the input guys.
I think Joomla or PHPNuke are your best options.
There's someone already doing this as a service :

Check out the last package he's selling.
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