Any good ideas? (Movie Niche)


Feb 9, 2023
Hi bhw fam,

So I have a pretty nice targeted stream of organic traffic (mainly USA) in the movie niche.

Does anyone know of any good offers that could potentially convert well in this niche? Currently they are all following my funnel to my movie streaming site but the front page is just content not movies so I could add some offers there to hopefully make some more profit as the site grows (currently monetised only through ads)

0000beacons now.jpg

Thank you all in advance
As the owner of our streaming platform, I am pleased to share some insights into our revenue generation and a promising strategy for potential growth.

Sources of Revenue:

Advertisement: $50,000 (Push notifications by AdMaven)
Ads while Streaming: $2,000,000
Total Revenue: $2,050,000
Cost of Revenue:

Ads while Streaming: $195,122
Operating Expenses:

Servers/Hosting/Data Storage/Sales/General: $351,665
Our total revenue stands at $2,050,000, primarily driven by advertisements during streaming, which alone contributed $2,000,000. Push notifications via AdMaven also played a role, adding $50,000 to our revenue. After accounting for the cost of ads while streaming ($195,122) and our operating expenses ($351,665), we are seeing significant returns.

Well, if you do it right, you can stream free movies while maintaining your peace of mind. The combination of ad revenue and subscription services could potentially convert nicely.
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