Any free bookmarking bot?


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Jan 25, 2010
Is there any free bookmarking bot which can create accounts and sumit to various social bookmarking sites, i am sure evryone will want it.
Not everyone can afford BMD and i don't thin bmd comes with a one off payment as well.
You can try onlywire. It's not really free buy only $3/month. It's a pain to set up because you have to create all the accounts yourself. After that it works pretty good. They have a free version that you place a button on your site or something but I went the paid route with mine.

Thread here if you are interesting.
Thanks for the replies, i know about only wire and it is very limited plus it does not post to all every time and does not have many sites like digg and mixx.
Something like BMD or something close to it would be great, Thanks guys.
SocialBot is available in the Downloads forum. Its very slow but it covers most of the big sites.
Well just saw the thread and all awfull reviews, saying most site are dead and it is damn slow, any good software out there for free? also is ubookit good?
Social bot is a good option. You have to tailor it to your needs. Yeah most of the sites on there are dead. But you can create a profile with only the sites you want to use. And you can add bookmarking sites.

I'm using the traffic anarchy model. That program only uses 10 sites of each. I'm using 10 sb sites on social bot. Frankly most those sites never showed up for backlinks. So I'm concentrating my time and efforts on sites I know to work. I've added mixx,jump tags, and mister wong to my profile.

These sites always index my sites and provide backlinks. Go for quality and quanity to get more bang for your buck and time. Download social bot and setup your company profile. When you hit signup for each site sb populates the needed info. You only have to go verify the email.
I have a social bookmarking ubot app in the works. It will create accounts and post. It will also support spun text. I'm just wondering how many bookmarking sites I should include and which ones. Once it is finished I will add it to the downloads section.
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