any expert on selling youtube channels ? i want to know a value of a channel i'm buying


Jun 23, 2022
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i'm new here so please be gentle :p

hey I'm thinking of buying a YouTube channel .
First of all , it's a script automated channel , I literally don't have to do anything , it uploads 6 shorts a day
I asked the dev to try and run the channel for few days to see the results for myself , and it got 2k views the first day , 9k total the second day (with 25subs) , and it's still going very strong.
the channel is about quotes (quote of the day #33 for example) , it's called wise doggo (the one with the blue dog with a baby toy in his mouth)
I'm not sure how much to pay for it , he's asking for 500$ , I don't know if that's cheap or expensive .
I'm sure with this rate the channel will get millions of views a month in the future , but not sure about how much will i gain from that .
anyone expert on this manner ? please give me your advice
Monetized channel usually sold by 1K subs = $10, like 100K subs monetized channel = $1K. There are other factors like views from tr1 country like USA will value higher than other views channel and currently the channel getting food views or it is not a active channel, and many others factors
first of all welcome :) It's hard to predict how much you will earn, but don't expect the money you invested in your first month if you ask me. Good luck
first of all welcome :) It's hard to predict how much you will earn, but don't expect the money you invested in your first month if you ask me. Good luck
It can take months to recover the investment and it is unpredictable. Overall a risky investment.
Absolutely not worth it.
Youtube shorts channels pay out way less because of how easy they are to grow.
$500 is an absolute scam for this channel, which barely gets any views for uploads, look at the latest uploads, 10, 5 views, which means only once in a blue moon you will get viral videos.
I wouldn't even pay $50 for this channel to be honest becasue there is not enough proof that it can grow to be really huge.
On youtube shorts, you get paid around 1 cent per 1000 views compared to 1 dollar per 1000 views on normal youtube.
This means if you buy this channel for $500, even if it gets 100,000 views a day, you are only making $1 a day, it will take you more than a year to make a profit.
Right now, it is no where near close to 100,000 views a day.
He is clearly trying to con you because you are not experienced and you think that you get paid $1 / 1000 like normal youtube

for $500, you can hire a programmer to make the exact same script, so you can just start your own, you could even pay just $100 for something a simple program like this, maybe even less depending on where you hire.
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