Any dating affilates with free signups no CC?


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Nov 13, 2009
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Hello guys was wondering if you could throw some affilates at me that pay per free signup and that doesent require cc and also doesent shave that trying a new method and i an get at least 60-70 people to sign up a day..

also if i was to get 70 signups a day how many people will have to signup for a real account so i dont get shaved thanks guys
what about friendfinder?

BTW, I donot think any dating websites like free signups only. they can not pay you for any reason if your signups are all free members.
Besides rude? I'm unsure as of late with the downturn in economic status
Do you get many people converting to paid membership?

If you get hundreds of leads but no conversions to paid membership, you won't last very long!

Let me know as i have a good affiliate for you if you can convert.
i dont know how much they are going to convert im using social sites like myspace twitter facebook and i chatrooms to i might be able to get 1:20-40 rlly..any ideas how i could get a offer that needs a CC to convert on social sites
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