Any CPA that uses different language?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by msslife, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Hi guys.

    First sorry for the unclear title.

    I have a page that own a very very competitive word in google and it is not english keyword.

    So, I am getting more then 9k visitors a day from this keyword.

    The page is about proxy it talks about proxy and how do you use it but it does not have a proxy bypass or something because it is not allowed in my fucked country.

    So I want to get benefit from this page but I don't know how I am getting clicks about 2$ a day and it should increase after few days but this is not enough. Is there any CPA uses non english language when a visitor is not english?

    For example an arabic visitor when he goes to the site a CPA ads appears and it uses arabic.

    And if you have any Ideas about how to get the full benefit
    from this page please tell me. for those of you who wanna check it ( here
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    I think Clickbank does? Im not so sure though but I saw one network before.. After you register, they give the option of your native language or english (default)
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    Man! This guy really hates his country. And it looks like he's an America Freak!

    Bet he's freaked out at his country because of the low acceptance ratio on CPA networks.