Any chance to get contact your prospects for free? No chance unless I pay...

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    Well, very simple yet pretty hard to do I guess. I am wanting to contact a couple of the prospects which have applied to the job i've offered, problem is, I have to pay like $xxx to contact just one...

    Anyways, if someone has any clue as to how to get their contact info or anyhow as to how to contact them without paying it would be much appreciated.

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    I assume they applied to an advert you placed and the job board requires you to pay to see the contact details?

    Depending on how much information you have you could still track down the prospect.

    Linkedin is very good for this sort of thing. Do a people search and include the companies he worked at, dates, job titles and any other details you have. It is very common for someone to build their Linkedin profile with the data from their CV / Resume. Often, just pasting in some text from the resume into Linkedin people search will find the person.

    You could also paste text from the CV into Google - lots of people have their CVs in multiple places online.
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