Any Canadians here? How will CASL affect you?

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    Has anybody here heard of CASL? It's called the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, and essentially it forbids individuals and businesses to send CEMs (Commercial Electronic Messages- such as emails, texts, etc) to Canadians without their consent.

    In order to send a CEM to a person- you need 3 things:

    1) Their consent
    2) Identification of who you are
    3) An 'unsubscribe' mechanism

    Canada?s new Anti-Spam legislation (CASL) came into effect July 1, 2014. It presents marketers with a significant problem: violations by an individual can bring up to $1M in penalties, and by a company? Up to $10M.

    In other words, CASL requires opt-in. Unlike the U.S. CAN-SPAM law and many other laws in many other countries, CASL actually forbids most spam. And here's another catch: you can't send an email requesting consent, because that email will be considered spam.

    So, Internet marketers- how will you go about dealing with this? Does this new legislation hamper your strategies? How will you workaround it?