Any black hat SEO TOOLS for Mac OSX ?


Sep 30, 2013
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I doubt so??

just curious any bros , sisters here ...know any fellow mac users?
yea it seem hard for those using Mac...
I know can dual boot but...some of us don't wish to
Get a VPS, you don't want to run tools on your main computer anyways - or your own internet connection. At least not when VPS' are cheap.
link assistant is the only one I know
The only thing I've found is the post about ADDMEFAST and his scripts that work with iMacros in Firefox. They work wonders (do require some slight EASY editing on wait times between t=1 and t=2)

Luckily I have windows on bootcamp on one of my macbook pros. I've never had much success with parallels and the like after Mac ended power PC I just stopped using them because I had windows on the mac, it was a little bothersome switching back and forth but now that I have a new one I rarely ever use the old so now it just runs tools or occasionally used for FL Studio (when I get bored with Logic Pro lol) I'll keep you posted if I find anything for mac
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