any article spinning software for osx/mac

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    hey I have recently bought a iMac for iphone development, however i still want to be able to do some SEO/Webmaster tasks which are easily avi on windows such as article spinning and directory submission. Anybody know any tools which can do this without going into the bootcamp route. I still have my pc but would like to fully transition onto my mac in the near future. thankyou
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    For article spinning you can use any of the numerous spinning scripts written in PHP that are available for free. From memory PHP comes working out of the box on OS X.

    For submission stuff you'll be forced to use Bootcamp or virtualization unless you want to write your own, since 99% of that software for consumer sale is written for Windows.

    I would recommend VMWare Fusion - it's the most robust virtualization solution there is for Mac.

    SEO is actually pretty awesome on the Mac if you're any kind of *nix developer, since you have all the awesome unix tools plus an awesome desktop to use that "just works."